Gum disease is a ticking time bomb

Two unique and innovative dental clinics, one located in Jerusalem and the other in Tel Aviv, are now offering periodontal care for inflammations and gum disease using a method called “Medical Periodontology.” This method negates the use of surgical intervention and is based on checking dental plaque samples enabling an exact diagnosis of the cause of the disease. The sample-taking is painless and results are reported to patients immediately. The method allows the patient to view on a television screen everything that the doctor sees in the microscope.

What is the meaning of the words “Medical Periodontology?”

Periodontology is the science that relates to whatever is found around the tooth itself (the gums, the bone and the tie between them).
Medical because gum disease is an infectious disease in every sense and the general health condition of the patient must be taken into consideration.

Is gum disease mostly due to poor oral hygiene or lack of professional dental cleaning?

Approximately 80% of the adult population suffers from gum disease to some extent. Good oral hygiene significantly lowers the chance of suffering from gum disease. But, since we are talking about an infectious disease, any one of us can get infected, even without any relation to the level of mouth care.

Is mouth disease a local problem or can it expand to the rest of the body?

We are talking about an infectious disease usually caused by dangerous germs capable of penetrating into the tissues. These germs can also get into the blood stream and affect the entire body.

Why should gum disease be treated seriously?

Gum disease is a serious problem that leads to tooth loss and the need for tooth implants, which is most definitely not a desired scenario. Gum care is very important. If a tooth has been lost due to gum disease, this can ruin the chance of a successful implant and can cause its loss.

How do sophisticated microscopes help in the treatment of gum disease?

We use highly magnifying microscopes (x1000) which enable precise identification of the cause of the disease which facilitates immediate effective care.

The mouth is a particularly non-sterile environment naturally filled with germs. Can’t one live with them peacefully?

We are not just talking about germs but also about bacteria and harmful parasites which can only be clearly identified by a microscopic exam. Gum disease needs a combination of two conditions:

  • A large presence of aggressive pathogens
  • A weakened immune system

Because one cannot always identify a weakened immune system, it is preferable to timely get oneself rid of the aggressive pathogens and prevent the creation of pockets. The pockets are the spaces that are created between the tooth and the gums. These grow at different rates for different people and are the sign of the development of gum disease.

Who do you recommend take the test?

Early discovery of gum disease is important for the entire population. It is even more important among the populations that suffer from diabetes and heart disease as well as pregnant women who, due to gum disease, may end up having a premature birth and/or giving birth to a baby with a low birth weight.

From your experience, do you have any special product that you recommend for use to help keep your gums healthy?

Personally, I like YAMELINE 300 which is produced from the water of the Dead Sea. But, one must match the toothpaste to the condition of the plaque

Do you have anything you want to add?

Yes. It is important to remember that the best implant is the tooth itself.