Medical Periodontology

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This medical method, based on monitoring the dental plaque using a microscope, is geared towards curing periodontal diseases. The method takes into account the general health state of the patient and how it influences the buccal health

Dental plaque is a natural film surrounding the surface of the teeth and gums and colonized by bacteria and microbial germs.

If this film is not removed on a regular basis, it thickens and solidifies gradually into dental deposits, becoming sometimes what we call tartar. As it thickens, the number of microbial germs increases.

If the dental plaque is contaminated by harmful germs, periodontal diseases develop. Tartar only increases signs of a disease.
On the other hand, a healthy dental plaque guarantees healthy gums and teeth preservation.

Medical periodontology requires using a very specific diagnostic device:

Highly magnifying microscope (x1000) that will reveal the microbial germs within the dental plaque: the various bacteria, but also the harmful parasites.
The microscopic observation will happen at each visit.



Here are some examples of microscopic observations:

1. Healthy dental Plaque

2. Activity of Bacteria

3. Parasites (amibes)

4. Parasites (trichomonas tenax)

5. Presence Of Candida

6. Bacteria Celebration

The main advantage of this method is that we can prevent periodontal diseases even when there are still no visible signs of it (such as bleeding, moving tooth, etc) and thus prevent teeth losses.

Statistically, about 85% of the population is concerned by periodontal diseases.
We use this method in our practice for many years with successful and long term stable results.

Loosing teeth is not a fate anymore!